A Lifetime Apart

by Harker

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released November 30, 2015

(c) Harker 2015




all rights reserved


Harker Brighton, UK

Fuzzy punk rock from Brighton. Paper + Plastick Records // No Panic Records // MGMT: chris@theblacklungclub.co.uk // PRESS: @wallofsoundpr


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Track Name: 23
I'm crawling out from the darkness of my room
I crept from a comatose my body barely knew
In time i've learnt to adjust this sequence
Each step to process I recall through words
spat out in lost comfort, to the shortest tale that ended tall

Is this my midlife?
There's a frequent call
But i'm stuck to a standstill with no force to carry on
It feels like a comatose, but I can't get any kind of sleep

Eighteen wasn't easy, 23 made it worse
A year hung from detached lines and tables turned
I used to wait out in the cold for a passing gaze
or a shot right through the brain
It felt like a comatose, but I can't get any kind of sleep

Someday these connections will break
And we find ourselves waiting to bleed from ink into our pale skins
But we'll end up not feeling a thing
Track Name: Certain To Spill
Dear trouble, don't pull me under

I'm sick of feeling introvert, feeling any way but normal

Stuck inside this vacant space in time

Mass consumption then injects and stops me getting past

Now i'm coughing up my mass blood, breaking tendencies in thought

I always struggle with the idea my life is spent practicing my aim

And it will always be the same

Our fathers were patrons at an early age, what are we?

Forever looking back on our own misery

We fall into impossibles,
Stumble through inevitables

These situations were never going to make us work

I have piles of unread texts, scripts and fictions I neglect

It haunts me in my maturity, makes it hard to sleep

I always struggle with the idea my life is spent practicing my aim

Who measures achievement?
Do we really need it?

It's hardwired into our nature
 but our world isn't built on perfect stature

We can't neglect our past but to dwell it makes us certain to spill

And then our troubles will pull

We're all stuck ten years behind

Adult age with younger minds

We all live a lifetime apart
, at different points with flying starts

Track Name: Sleepy Eyed
I took it all far away

Flew the nest left the cage

To find my better person

A spark of conversation

And I tied all my grief 
in a knot and took it with me

To be a lesser burden

on the mind of someone

A call with no response and I'm falling apart

This broken misery unsung of a man come undone

at the seams, ragged mane, broken teeth

Staring through reflection from the tip to the soul

'I was hoping you would let me come over tonight,
But you never cared you were always sleepy eyed'

Now I feel the cold creep into my bones

Youth tells our bodies to burn, but I feel splintered from a hundred nights
Still you're telling me to come back home

Time is what I need, and if it's time that's causing me to reap

then i'll come back home

Silence broke in a hundred decibels of anger and fault

With a drive to scared to stray from the lines of the road

When I'm in a state to forgive

For every honest mistake I tricked

I'll come back home.
Track Name: Nightmare Fuel
I'm stuck in a verse

Reciting every little detail to myself

Looking for something honest between the words on the page

Because there is only so much bitterness that I can take

Or that I can endure

Hands held tight shielding what we owe

These nights spent in marking what is ours

You're trust is misleading
You're honesty is fake for all to see

Our best intentions spent

And the sign will read do not resuscitate

So for all that's left at stake we're counting out this one

(There’s nothing we could have done)

Calling a silence, we're treading the thorn

We're out of step with your song

Broken chords that sound all wrong

There's nothing to relate

You're known to snap peoples necks and hurt the ones that would call you a friend

Stop stop stop being so red in the face,
Is it love or lust?
A small little face

Where are you when you're needed the most

Until there's nothing left you'll just pick out at my bones

We're ready to begin,

Why watch the walls when we could climb them instead?

We laugh at danger, burning nightmare fuel

But this segregation, your lack of encouragement

We walk a great divide,

A black hole full of lies.